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blank-pcb-board. printed circuit made in China. More Cheaper about 20%~30% price. quick turn lead time. IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3. we make Standard boards and DHI Boards from 2 layer to 50 layers.

As a PCB company. Alcanta offer many kinds circuit board. Like: heavy copper board,flex circuit, rogers pcb, control board, aluminum pcb, fast turn pcb, teflon pcb,and others.

Some times. you have to build a blank circuit board in a short lead time. Yes. we can produce it in quick turn service. and the boards quality are same great!

from 16 layer to 50 layers boards. the PCB lead time will be a little slow. most of the multilayer boards have Buried and Blind Vias. and Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics or Impedance Control. So. we need to pay attention to control the quality at first. than. to produce the board asap.

Blank PCB Board
Blank PCB Board



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