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Fast-pcbs. As a printed circuit board company in China. we offer fastpcb boards from 1 layer to 20 layers. 1 layer and 2 layer boards. we only need about 24 hours. and 4 layer ,6 layer boards. we need about 48 hours to 72 hours. and from 8 layer to 20 layers boards. we need 4 days to 6 days. More cheaper about 20% to 30% price. lead time only need 24 hour. higher quality. also.we produce PCB from 22 layer to 90 layers. the lead time will be a little slow.

For some new customers. we will offer you a standard free pcb sample. to check the quality. No need any money. Let’s have a good start.

FR4 printed circuit board.The thinnest thickness is 0.12mm(5mil). we can use 0.06mm core and ecsh side with 12 to 15 um copper.and the soldermask thick will be about 0.02mm. total thick will be about 0.12mm.

Also. Our company produce heavy copper PCB, flex circuit, Rigid-Flex pcb, High Performance pcb, Low Loss FR4 pcb, High Speed and High Frequency pcb. like:Megtron4 pcb and Megtron7 pcb or Rogers board, we have many different materials.




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