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Rogers-pcb-Prototype. We have more than 10 years of production ROGERS PCB experience.Like: Ro3003, Ro3006, Ro4350B, Ro4360G2, Ro4835 and so on…

When you need ROGERS PCB Prototype. Please send email to us. we will help to check the materials and lead time.

High frequency circuit boards

High frequency PCB with Rogers material The increasing complexity of electronic components and switches continually requires faster signal flow rates, and thus higher transmission frequencies. Because of short pulse rise times in electronic components, it has also become necessary for high frequency (HF) technology to view conductor widths as an electronic component. Depending on various parameters, HF signals are reflected on circuit board, meaning that the impedance (dynamic resistance) varies with respect to the sending component. To prevent such capacitive effects, all parameters must be exactly specified, and implemented with the highest level of process control. Critical for the impedances in high frequency circuit boards are principally the conductor trace geometry, the layer buildup, and the dielectric constant (εr) of the materials used.

ROGERS PCB Prototype
ROGERS PCB Prototype



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