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BT PCB Fabrication. we have made many Chip LED boards with BT base materials. and other especial white base circuit boards. the white base thick from 0.06mm to 2.0mm. we produce the printed circuit board from 2 layer to 30 layers.

BT resin materials have excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. So they have achieved a high market share in the various applications such as IC plastic packages, Chip LED, and high frequency devices, where they are used.

BT Materials for Chip-LED

These are the de facto standard materials for Chip-LED use. They excel in high reflectivity of visible light. And, they are very suitable for wire-bonding because of its stable mechanical properties at elevated temperatures and high heat resistance for longer term. In addition, they are halogen free materials.

Aiming for chips with even higher dimension substrate materials for AI and IoT, the future of information technology.Electronic technology is rapidly advancing and information technology is at the very forefront of this revolution.Powerful mobile technology like smartphones are already standard, and wearable devices are just the beginning of the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the coming era of artificial intelligence (AI). Each of these technologies represent exponential increases in the volume and complexity of information processing that will require a dramatic revolution in semiconductor technology.BT laminate is key to the technology breakthroughs that will make these technologies viable.


Features:White material with high reflectance of visible light, much suitable for chip LED substrate.Less discoloration after heat treatment and light irradiation.



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