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PCB Prototype

Quick-turn protorype.

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  • Layers: 1~16
  • Quantity: 2~2000 pcs
  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2
  • Lead time: 1~12 days.
  • Material: FR4, Flex, AL, BT,Copper,Isola, 370HR,Roers...

Standard PCB Fab

Full feature pcb fabrication.

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  • Layers: 2~50 
  • Quantity: 2~10kk pcs
  • Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2
  • Lead time:1~6 weeks
  • Material: FR4, Rigid-Flex, AL, BT, Rogers, Isola, 370HR ...

Advanced PCB Fab

Complex PCBs fabrication.

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  • Layers: 4~100
  • Quantity: 2~10kk pcs
  • Quanlity Grade:IPC 3
  • Lead time: 4~8 weeks
  • Material: FR4, Flex, BT, Rogers, Isola, 370HR, Metal...





Alcanta PCB has cooperated with 1000+ high-tech R&D, manufacturing, and service enterprises in fields of communications, industrial control, medical electronics, rail transit, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, automotive electronics, etc., in more than 50 countries and regions throughout the world.



  • ALCANTA TECHNOLOGY(SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD,As a printed circuit board (PCB) vendor in Asia, we are dedicated to be your best partner. The company’s main business is PCB research and development, production and sales. It has a capability of whole process production covering a variety of PCB types such as HDI, multilayer, rigid-flex, heavy copper board, medal based board, high frequency board, flex board and so on. These boards are sold to Europe, a number of countries and regions in America and Southeast Asia with a wide use to industrial control, medical electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunication equipment, LED lighting and some other applications. Having being focused on innovation and continuous expansion of the product application field, the company established and solidified its advantage in low volume market. The company studies and produces different types of PCB according to customers’ requirement and at the same time gains profit.

Ever since its establishment, Alcanta Co.,Ltd has paid high attention to quality and R&D, and has passed management system qualification as ISO9001:2008、ISO/TS16949:2009、ISO14001:2004、ISO13485:2003 and Product Safety Certification as UL, CQC. we will continue to strengthen the basic research and development and product development, enhance product competitive edge, improve the advanced PCB sales ratio, strengthen the international market expansion, improve the company's international market share, increase the advanced equipment and production line input, improve production capacity, efficiency and automation level.