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PCB Quote

PCB Quote

PCB quote. PCB Fabrication. High quality PCB company in China. Fast lead time PCBs.If you need any circuit board prototypes, please contact us and we will reply with quotation and production cycle as soon as possible.  we produce blank PCBs. and we also offer PCB+Component assembly Service. and For urgent projects, we can provide quick turn time Service.


We produce standard circuit boards. HDI multilayer circuit boards or IC/BGA substrates. Or other advanced process circuit board.

IC/BGA substrates: IC substrates serve as the connection between IC chip(s) and the PCB through a conductive network of traces and holes. IC substrates are endowed with critical functions including circuit support and protection, heat dissipation, and signal and power distribution. IC substrates represent the highest level of miniaturization in PCB manufacturing and share many similarities with semiconductor manufacturing. Alcantapcb PCB company produces many types of IC substrates on which IC chips are attached to the IC substrate utilizing wire bonding or flip chip methods.


Smallest Gap PCBs:  BT circuit board manufacturer, Micro LED PCB, Mini LED PCB, Bluetooth board, and IC substrate fabrication. All of these PCBs are smallest gap PCBs. Our company offer BT PCBs. and the BT materials printed circuit board was made with high quality and fast lead time.

BT pcb companies in China. Our BT board are used in automobile lamps, Bluetooth circuit boards, MicroLED, MiniLED, and IC substrate products. Most of these BT products made in minimum spacing. the gap between 1.5mil(38um) to 2.5mil(63um) . Such as. if you need the PCB pads gap or line to line spacing in 2mil(50um). we will make the pad gap or line spacing with 50um. the tolerance are +/-12um. in fact. we have made too many Smallest gap PCB with IPC Class3. the quality are really great. thare are not any quality questions.

The BT printed circuit board Layer structure. Alcanta offer BT Boards from 2 layer to 20 layers. most of these types PCB are from 2 layer to 10 layers. 2 layer BT PCB, 4 layer BT PCB and 6 layer are more than 70%. All are small pacing design. about the panel size. we can make it with 600MM. i think. 450 to 500mm panel size will be more better. it’s easy to control the gap tolerance. all the BT core material has the shrinkage coefficient. hope you can understand it. thanks!

The BT Boards lead time and MOQ instructions: we have no any MOQ request. we can produce 1 PCS board to 5 PCS boards at one time. and 5 pcs to 50 pcs, 50 pcs to 1000 pcs. and our company offer fast turn PCBs. 2 layer and 4 layer BT PCBs will be finished in 3 to 4 days. and DHL Shipping will cost about 2 To 3 days. that means you will receive the boards in a week. it’s save your time to win the market.

BT circuit board
BT circuit board


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with , we will be happy to help you.