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Rigid PCB Fabrication

Rigid PCB Fabrication. High Quality HDI PCB fabrication,Low cost,Fast lead time. We produce the HDI pcb with smallest gap, Buried and Blind Vias, Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics and other Advanced technology and process.

HDI PCB fabrication is the core manufacturing service of ALCANTA PCB, with various functions, qualifications, certification and expertise to meet the most demanding requirements of HDI PCB fabrication. Our extensive PCB manufacturing capabilities support the stringent requirements for advanced HDI PCB design in all industries, including medical, aerospace, defense and commercial markets. We support up to 90 laminates, laser drilling, micro via holes, stacked microvia holes, blind holes, buried through holes, via- in-pads, laser direct imaging, sequential lamination,. 00275 “trace / space, fine spacing as low as 3mil, controlled impedance, etc. Able to produce HDI PCB without minimum order requirements and flexible turn around time options. Each design is reviewed in detail by our cam engineers before production to ensure that there is no worry about the manufacturing process, and the support team is available 24 hours a week from Monday to Saturday to assist with your HDI PCB fabrication orders.

HDI is the abbreviation of high density interconnector, namely high density interconnection board. HDI board has inner circuit and outer circuit, and then uses the technology of drilling and metallization in hole to realize the internal connection of each layer circuit. Generally, build-up manufacturing is used. The more times of lamination, the higher the technical grade of the board. The common HDI board is basically one-time build-up, and the high-stage HDI adopts two or more times of lamination technology, and adopts advanced PCB technologies such as stack hole, electroplating hole filling, laser direct drilling, etc. With the development of science and technology, electronic design is constantly improving the performance of the whole machine, but also trying to reduce the size. From mobile phones to smart weapons, “small” is the eternal pursuit. High density integration (HDI) technology can make the design of terminal products more miniaturized and meet the higher standards of electronic performance and efficiency.

Typical features of HDI PCB. The micro blind hole ring is less than 6mil. the wiring line width between inner and outer layers is less than 3mil and the pad diameter is no more than 0. 25mm. Blind hole: which connects the inner layer with the outer layer. Buried hole: which realizes the connection between inner layer and inner layer. All of them are small holes with a diameter of 0. 075mm ~ 0. 1mm. There are laser drilling, plasma etching and photo induced drilling. Laser drilling is usually used, and laser drilling is divided into CO2 and YAG ultraviolet laser (UV).

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication


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