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ABF Package Substrate/

ABF series substrates materials. From 5um to 30um gap Substrates Manufacturer.

Our base material is of an optimum type and thinness to meet the requirements of module-mounted products for compactness and high functionality and to enable the micro-fabrication development necessary for the high-density wiring/land size reduction required by such boards.


  • Board thickness 0.25mm (6 layered) and 0.18mm (4 layered) achieved by the adoption of ultra- thin base material/prepreg
  • Bare chip of 250-150µm ultra-narrow pitch achieved
  • High-reliability thinner board suited for any type of layer connection structure
  • Plating technology creates an optimum product for side connection on module
Module Substates

Module Substates


(Maximum build-up layers)4
Line/space (Min)Inner layer35/35μm
Outer Layer40/40μm
Via diameter (hole/land)75/110μm (60/90μm)
Core thickness (Min.)0.03mm
Thickness between the insulating layer (Min.)0.025mm
Total board thickness (Min.)1-2-10.18mm

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