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6 layer-rigid-flex-pcb. Led rigid-flex pcb boards. we made the pcb with black soldermask. fr4 core and PI base. it’s higher quality and the price will be more cheaper about 20%.


Layer count  —— 6L

▪ Material   —— High TG FR4 and PI

▪ Board thickness   —— 1.6 ±0.15 mm

▪PI thickness  — — 0.2 mm

▪ Min. LW/LS —— 0.15/0.15mm

▪ Min. Drill Size  —— 0.2 mm

▪ Surface Finish  —— ENIG

Received certification

Product Certification: UL, CQC
Management System Certification: ISO9001, TS16949, TL9000, QC080000, GJB 9001, IS014001, OHSAS18000

Process capability

The highest number of conventional board (L): 50
Rigid-Flex PCB board the highest level (L): 36
Rigid-Flex PCB board buildup: first-order, second-order laminated hole, second-order hole, third-order hole, four-order hole

Material :

FR4: EM827, 370HR, S1000-2, IT180A, EM825, IT158, S1000 / S1155, R1566W, EM285, TU862HF

High Speed:Megtron6, Megtron4, Megtron7,TU872SLK, FR408HR,N4000-13 Series, MW4000, MW2000, TU933

High Frequency:Ro3003, Ro3006, Ro4350B, Ro4360G2, Ro4835, CLTE, Genclad, RF35, FastRise27

Others:PP, CVL, EMI, PI, Polyimide, Tk, LCP, BT, C-ply, Fradflex, Omega , ZBC2000,


Fast board delivery capacity:

Conventional Rigid-Flex PCB board:

4 layers 3-4 days delivery
6th floor 5-6 days delivery
8th floor 6-7 days delivery
10 layers 7-10 days delivery
12th floor 10-15 days delivery

High-frequency special Rigid-flex board:

4 layers of mixed board delivery as fast as 5~7 days

6-8 layer mixed board delivery as fast as 7~10 days

14 layer mixed board delivery as fast as 15~20 days

26 layer mixed board delivery as fast as 30~35 days


Delivery note:

Surface treatment type OSP, nickel-immersion gold, OSP + nickel-nickel alloy, lead-free spray tin, lead spray tin;
Delivery date to confirm the completion of EQ, there are materials in stock;
Mass production delivery days have the difference between the peak season, the off-season delivery period shorter than the peak season;
Special materials, special process delivery cycle, please contact customer service staff;
Beyond the normal delivery cycle needs, please consult customer service.