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Embedded Cavity PCB/

Embedded Cavity PCB

Embedded Cavity PCB

Embedded Cavity PCB. Small mobile devices feature an increasing number of passive components that require a higher-density installation. Unfortunately the surface mounting area of conventional surface-mount technology (two-dimensional implementation) is unable to support these components. That is why the three-dimensional implementation using embedded PCB technology was proposed. ALCANTA PCB independently developed a connection process using laser via and plating in addition to a bonding process using solder materials, and has a track record of mass production with both processes.


Reduction of the surfac mount area by embedding chip components(resistance/condenser).

Improvement of electrical properties by shorter wiring distance between surface-installed ICs and embedded components

Shorter pitches between components and better heat resistance enabled by connection between component terminals using laser via and copper plating


Blank Cavity PCB also is the core manufacturing service of ALCANTA PCB, with various functions, qualifications, certification and expertise to meet the most demanding requirements of Blank Cavity PCB fabrication. Our extensive PCB manufacturing capabilities support the stringent requirements for advanced Cavity PCB design in all industries, including medical, aerospace, defense and commercial markets. We support up to 90 laminates, laser drilling, micro via holes, stacked microvia holes, blind holes, buried through holes, via- in-pads, laser direct imaging, sequential lamination,. 00275 “trace / space, fine spacing as low as 3mil, controlled impedance, etc. Able to produce Cavity PCB without minimum order requirements and flexible turn around time options. Each design is reviewed in detail by our cam engineers before production to ensure that there is no worry about the manufacturing process, and the support team is available 24 hours a week from Monday to Saturday to assist with your Cavity PCB fabrication.