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As a PCB supplier. building-a-pcb.Alcanta company offers printed circuit board. Standard FR4 circuit board. Flex circuit. Multilayer pcb. Rigid Flex board. Copper circuit board. Rogers circuit board. Isola board. and High multilayer circuit board.

We offer standard PCB with IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3. Great quality PCB. and more cheaper about 20% price. saving your money. our PCB company produce boards from 2 layer to 90 layers. We can do the Standard boards and HDI boards. the best smaller via is 3mil. the best line to line spacing are 2.1mil. pads to pads gap are 2.3mil. it’s very small spacing.

In our PCB company. we also offer quick turn PCB service. 2 layer PCB samples only need about 24 hours. the standard lead time is about 7 days. the 4 Layer pcb fast delivery time is about 48 hours. the standard lead time is about 7 to 10 days. 6 layer to 10 layers pcb samples only need about 72 hours to 5 days.

Any questions. please send email to us. our engineer will help you. thanks! and have a great day!

Building a PCB
Building a PCB



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