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ISOLA 370HR PCB Manufacturer.ISOLA 370HR PCB Manufacturer specializes in producing high-quality printed circuit boards using ISOLA’s 370HR material, known for its excellent thermal performance and mechanical robustness. Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure reliable and durable PCBs, suitable for a wide range of applications in the electronics industry. We pride ourselves on precision, innovation, and customer satisfaction, delivering top-tier products that meet rigorous industry standards.

What is ISOLA 370HR PCB?

ISOLA 370HR PCB is a printed circuit board based on ISOLA’s unique high-performance epoxy resin base material. This material combines advanced glass fiber reinforcement technology to provide an excellent solution for the electronics field. Its excellent electrical properties and outstanding mechanical strength make it one of the preferred materials in electronic device manufacturing.

First of all, ISOLA 370HR PCB uses high-performance epoxy resin base material. This epoxy resin has excellent heat resistance and chemical stability, allowing it to maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments. This means that ISOLA 370HR PCB can perform well in a variety of harsh working environments, such as automotive engine compartments, aerospace equipment, etc.

ISOLA 370HR PCB Manufacturer
ISOLA 370HR PCB Manufacturer

Secondly, combined with glass fiber reinforcement technology, ISOLA 370HR PCB has excellent mechanical strength. The addition of glass fiber makes this material extremely resistant to bending and extrusion, allowing it to withstand the challenges of complex environments. This mechanical strength ensures the stability and reliability of electronic equipment during operation and reduces the risk of damage caused by changes in the external environment.

Furthermore, ISOLA 370HR PCB is a multi-layer printed circuit board suitable for high-density circuit designs and complex electronic devices. Its multi-layer structure can accommodate more electronic components and achieve more complex functions. This makes ISOLA 370HR PCB an ideal choice for a variety of advanced electronic equipment, such as communication equipment, medical equipment, etc.

In summary, ISOLA 370HR PCB has established a good reputation in the electronics field with its unique material combination and excellent performance. It not only provides stable and reliable electrical performance, but also has excellent mechanical strength and is suitable for applications in various complex environments. With the continuous development of technology, I believe that ISOLA 370HR PCB will continue to provide strong support for innovation and development in the electronic field.

ISOLA 370HR PCB design Reference Guide.

ISOLA 370HR PCB is a high-performance material whose design requires careful planning and rigorous execution. The following is a reference guide for ISOLA 370HR PCB design to help you ensure the accuracy and reliability of your design.

Design planning

Before starting the design, you first need to clarify the overall requirements and functions of the circuit. This includes determining board layer count, size, circuit layout and special requirements. ISOLA 370HR PCB is suitable for high-density circuit design, so the complexity of the circuit and the requirements for high-density layout should be taken into consideration during the design planning stage.

Schematic design

Use CAD software to draw the schematic diagram of the circuit to ensure that the circuit design meets specifications and functional requirements. In the schematic design, signal integrity, power integrity and EMI/EMC requirements should be taken into consideration to ensure that the circuit is stable and reliable.

Component layout

Place various components reasonably on the PCB board, taking into account electrical performance and thermal management. For ISOLA 370HR PCB, attention should be paid to avoiding interference between high-power components and low-power components, and reasonable layout to ensure the stability and reliability of the circuit.


Connect the pins of components to ensure the stability of signal transmission and the reliability of power supply. For the wiring of high-speed signals and high-frequency signals, attention should be paid to preventing signal crosstalk and electromagnetic interference, and appropriate shielding and wiring techniques should be adopted.

Check and verify

Conduct Design Rule Check (DRC) and Electrical Rule Check (ERC) to ensure correct design. At the same time, simulation and SI/PI analysis are performed to verify the performance and stability of the circuit and ensure that the design meets the requirements.

Generate Gerber files

Output the Gerber files and drilling files required for manufacturing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the production process. When generating Gerber files, settings must be made according to the manufacturer’s requirements and standards to ensure that the produced PCB meets the design specifications.

Through the above design reference guide, you can carry out ISOLA 370HR PCB design work more effectively, ensure the accuracy and reliability of the design, and provide strong support for the innovation and development of electronic products.

What material is used in ISOLA 370HR PCB?

ISOLA 370HR PCB uses high-performance materials to provide a solid foundation for innovation in the electronics field. Its core materials mainly include epoxy resin substrate and glass fiber reinforced technology.

First, let’s take a look at epoxy resin substrates. Epoxy resin is a material with excellent insulating properties and mechanical strength that can withstand the challenges of high temperature and high pressure environments. In ISOLA 370HR PCB, the epoxy resin base material is carefully selected and processed to ensure it has excellent thermal and chemical stability. This enables ISOLA 370HR PCB to maintain stable electrical performance under various extreme conditions, such as high-temperature environments in automobile engine compartments or corrosive gas environments in chemical plants.

Secondly, glass fiber reinforcement technology is another key feature of ISOLA 370HR PCB. Fiberglass reinforcements are embedded into the epoxy resin matrix to enhance its mechanical strength and impact resistance. This technology makes ISOLA 370HR PCB have excellent bending resistance and vibration resistance, and can operate stably for a long time in harsh industrial environments.

In addition, ISOLA 370HR PCB may also contain other auxiliary materials, such as conductive layers, solder resist layers, and silk screen layers. These materials play an important role in the PCB manufacturing process, such as providing conductive paths, preventing short circuits, protecting copper foil, etc.

Overall, ISOLA 370HR PCB uses a series of high-performance materials, including epoxy resin substrate and glass fiber reinforced technology, as well as other auxiliary materials to ensure it has excellent electrical performance, thermal stability and mechanical strength. The careful selection and optimization of these materials provide a solid guarantee for the reliability and stability of ISOLA 370HR PCB in various application scenarios, and provide strong support for innovation in the electronic field.

What size are ISOLA 370HR PCB?

The dimensions of ISOLA 370HR PCB vary according to application needs and design requirements, making it flexible and versatile. Generally speaking, ISOLA 370HR PCB can meet various size requirements, from small to large, from simple to complex.

For small ISOLA 370HR PCB, its size may be only a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, which is suitable for some micro electronic devices, such as smart wearable devices, headphones, etc. These small-sized PCBs can achieve high-density integration, making it possible to pursue miniaturization and lightweight products.

For large ISOLA 370HR PCB, its size may reach several meters, which is suitable for some electronic equipment that requires large area coverage or complex wiring, such as communication base stations, industrial control systems, etc. These large-sized PCBs can accommodate more electronic components, achieving functional diversification and enhanced scalability.

Additionally, ISOLA 370HR PCBs can be custom sized to meet the needs of specific applications. Whether it is standard size or customized size, ISOLA 370HR PCB can ensure its stable and reliable performance, providing flexible and reliable solutions for the design and manufacturing of various electronic products.

To sum up, ISOLA 370HR PCB comes in a wide range of sizes and can be selected and customized according to different project needs. Its flexible and diverse features make it the first choice of many electronic manufacturers, providing a solid foundation for the innovation and development of various electronic devices.

The Manufacturer Process of ISOLA 370HR PCB.

The manufacturing process of ISOLA 370HR PCB is a complex and precise project that requires multiple critical steps to ensure that the final product has excellent performance and reliability.

First, the first step in the manufacturing process is to prepare the substrate material. ISOLA 370HR PCB uses high-performance epoxy resin base material, which includes fiberglass reinforcement technology. This special substrate material can provide PCB with excellent thermal stability and mechanical strength, which is one of the keys to its excellent performance.

Next, the image transfer process is performed. This step uses CAD software to transfer the designed circuit pattern to the substrate surface. Through the process of exposure and development, the pattern is accurately transferred to the surface copper foil, laying the foundation for subsequent circuit formation.

Then comes the etching process. In this step, chemical etching is used to remove the unprotected copper foil, leaving the designed circuit pattern. This step requires highly precise control to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the circuit.

Next comes the drilling process. Drilling is a vital part of PCB manufacturing. Through holes and blind holes are formed on the PCB board through drilling to prepare for subsequent electrical connections and component installation.

This is followed by electroplating and surface treatment. This step electroplates the holes and circuit patterns to increase their conductivity and corrosion resistance, as well as surface treatment to ensure the flatness and quality of the PCB surface.

Finally comes the solder mask and silk screen. In the final stage of PCB manufacturing, the solder mask layer and silk screen layer are applied to prevent oxidation of the copper foil and mark the location and parameters of circuit components, improving the reliability and maintainability of the PCB.

Through the above precision manufacturing process, ISOLA 370HR PCB can achieve its excellent performance and stability, becoming the first choice of many electronic manufacturers. Every aspect of its manufacturing process is strictly controlled to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product, providing a solid foundation for the development and innovation of the electronics industry.

The Application area of ISOLA 370HR PCB.

As a high-performance printed circuit board material, ISOLA 370HR PCB has demonstrated its excellent application value in various fields. The following are examples of ISOLA 370HR PCB applications in various high-end electronic equipment:

Communication device

ISOLA 370HR PCB is widely used in the field of communication equipment. For example, in base stations, it can be used to manufacture high-frequency, high-speed transmission radio frequency (RF) circuit boards to support the stable operation of wireless communication networks. At the same time, in optical fiber communication equipment, ISOLA 370HR PCB also plays an important role, used to manufacture high-density, high-speed photoelectric converters and signal processing modules to improve the transmission efficiency and reliability of optical fiber communication.


In the aerospace field, the high-performance characteristics of ISOLA 370HR PCB make it one of the preferred materials for flight control systems and satellite communication equipment. In flight control systems, ISOLA 370HR PCB can be used to manufacture high-reliability, high-interference-resistant control circuit boards to ensure the safety and stability of the aircraft. Among satellite communication equipment, ISOLA 370HR PCB undertakes the important tasks of transmitting, demodulating and processing satellite signals to ensure the efficient operation of the satellite communication system.

Medical equipment

Medical equipment is another important application area, where ISOLA 370HR PCB plays a key role. For example, in medical monitoring instruments, it can be used to manufacture control circuit boards for electrocardiographs, blood pressure monitors and other equipment to monitor patients’ vital signs in real time. In image diagnostic equipment, ISOLA 370HR PCB can be used to manufacture high-definition, high-precision image sensors and image processing modules to help doctors accurately diagnose diseases.

Industrial control

Industrial control is another important application field of ISOLA 370HR PCB. In industrial automation equipment, it can be used to manufacture PLC (programmable logic controller) and control circuit boards for industrial sensors to achieve automation and intelligence in the factory production process. At the same time, in industrial control systems, ISOLA 370HR PCB can also be used to manufacture data acquisition and processing modules with high stability and high anti-interference to ensure efficient operation of industrial production.

In summary, ISOLA 370HR PCB is widely used in communications, aerospace, medical and industrial control fields, fully demonstrating its excellent performance and reliability. With the continuous advancement and innovation of technology, I believe that ISOLA 370HR PCB will continue to provide strong support for the development of various high-end electronic equipment and promote the entire electronics industry towards a better future.

What are the advantages of ISOLA 370HR PCB?

As a high-performance material, ISOLA 370HR PCB has many advantages in the electronic field. These advantages are not only reflected in its excellent performance, but also in its wide application and continuous innovation in various application fields. The following are several major advantages of ISOLA 370HR PCB:

Excellent thermal stability

ISOLA 370HR PCB has excellent thermal stability and can maintain stable electrical performance in high temperature environments. This makes it an ideal choice for high-temperature applications, such as automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields. Its reliable performance in high-temperature environments effectively guarantees the long-term stable operation of electronic equipment.

Excellent dielectric properties

The material has excellent dielectric properties, characterized by low dielectric loss and stable dielectric constant. This makes ISOLA 370HR PCB outstanding in high-frequency and high-speed circuit design, helping to improve the stability and accuracy of signal transmission, thereby optimizing the performance of the circuit.

Excellent mechanical strength

ISOLA 370HR PCB adopts glass fiber reinforced technology and has excellent mechanical strength and bending resistance. This enables it to withstand challenges in complex environments, such as vibration, shock, etc., ensuring the reliable operation of electronic equipment under various harsh conditions.

Good processing properties

The material has the characteristics of high surface flatness and excellent processing performance, which is beneficial to the manufacturing and assembly of fine circuits. High-quality surface treatment and processing technology ensure the quality and stability of circuit boards, improve production efficiency and manufacturing success rate.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

ISOLA 370HR PCB complies with environmental protection requirements, is produced using environmentally friendly materials, and complies with international standards. Its environmentally friendly properties make it more sustainable in the manufacturing process of electronic products, in line with modern society’s requirements and concerns for environmental protection.

To sum up, ISOLA 370HR PCB has become one of the preferred materials in the electronics manufacturing industry due to its excellent thermal stability, excellent dielectric properties, excellent mechanical strength, good processing performance and environmentally sustainable characteristics. It provides strong support for the design, manufacturing and application of various electronic devices and promotes continuous innovation and development in the electronic field.


What are the special advantages of ISOLA 370HR PCB?

ISOLA 370HR PCB is known for its high thermal stability, excellent dielectric properties and mechanical strength. It can maintain stable electrical performance in various harsh environments and is suitable for special application scenarios such as high temperature and high pressure. In addition, its good processing performance also provides convenience to manufacturers and helps improve production efficiency.

Which industries is ISOLA 370HR PCB suitable for?

ISOLA 370HR PCB is widely used in various industries such as communications, aerospace, medical, and industrial control. Its high performance and reliability make it an ideal choice for high-end electronic equipment, such as base stations, flight control systems, medical monitoring instruments, etc.

How difficult is it to process ISOLA 370HR PCB?

Because ISOLA 370HR PCB has good processing performance, the processing difficulty is relatively low. Its high surface flatness and good material uniformity are beneficial to the manufacturing and assembly of fine circuits, and manufacturers can complete production tasks more easily.

What is the cost of ISOLA 370HR PCB?

The cost of ISOLA 370HR PCB is relatively high, but compared with its performance and stability, it is a worthwhile investment. Especially for applications requiring special requirements such as high temperature, high frequency, and high density, choosing ISOLA 370HR PCB is an important measure to ensure the reliability of electronic equipment.



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