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Isola Astra MT77 PCB manufacturer.Astra® MT77 Very Low Loss Laminate and Prepreg Materials. Astra® MT77 materials are a breakthrough, very low-loss dielectric constant (Dk) product for millimeter wave frequencies and beyond.

Astra MT77 laminate materials exhibit exceptional electrical properties which are very stable over a broad frequency and temperature range. Astra MT77 is suitable for many of today’s commercial RF/microwave printed circuit designs. It features a dielectric constant (Dk) that is stable between -40°C and +140°C at up to W-band frequencies. In addition, Astra MT77 offers an ultra-low dissipation factor (Df) of 0.0017, making it a costeffective alternative to PTFE and other commercial microwave laminate materials.

Key applications include long antennas and radar applications for automobiles, such as adaptive cruise control, pre-crash, blind spot detection, lane departure warning and stop and go systems.

Product Attributes
RF/Microwave , High Thermal Reliability

Typical Market Applications
Aerospace & Defense , RF / Microwave , Automotive &

Isola Astra MT77 PCB
Isola Astra MT77 PCB

The development of Isola Astra MT77 laminate and prepreg materials has garnered several eye-balls, particularly among PCB manufacturers. These materials will find applications in several mm-Wave systems. Astra MT77 is a low loss FR-4 process compatible laminate and prepreg. Isola Astra MT77 offers exceptional physical properties including broad operational frequency and higher temperature range. These laminates are highly preferred for commercial RF/microwave printed circuit designs and mm-Wave applications.

Isola introduced Astra MT77 during the event of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society’s 2019 IMS Microwave Week. Some of the major applications of Astra MT77 include long-range antennas and radar applications for automobiles. The increasing popularity of these materials for applications involving adaptive cruise control, pre-crash, and blind spot detection is expected to drive demand for these laminates over the coming years. These laminates also found applications in lane departure warning and stop and go systems.

Some of the exclusive features include wide-spread industry recognition and RoHS Compliance. Astra MT-77, an ultra-low loss FR-4 process compatible laminate is also lead-free PCB assembly compatible. Some processing advantages include shorter lamination cycle, lower drill wear, good flow and fill, and higher dimensional stability. This type of laminate does not require plasma de-smear, which helps to reduce manufacturing cost as well. However, processing of these laminates requires several lamination cycles. Moreover, Isola Astra MT77 is an HDI technology compatible, which will likely to drive its demand in the near future.

With the rise of 5G, the new wireless world, and an increasing number of mm-Wave applications, demand for advanced PCB materials will likely to escalate over the coming years. Furthermore, 5G technology will likely drive demand for an ultra-low loss FR-4 process compatible laminate and add more value to the PCB industry.

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