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Micro LED PCB, Mini LED PCB, Chip LED PCB, IC substrate PCB maker. White and Black core materials. Ultrathin PCB Fabrication. and minimum spacing(gap) PCB manufacturer.

Advantages of materials: It’s BT core materials.Hight Tg materials. Low CTE of X/Y/Z axis.High whiteness and high reflection rate, keep high whiteness after high temp. or strong bright light. and high thermal conductivity. we have used the core materials to produce the Mini-LED PCBs. and Micro-LED PCBs.

About the final thin PCB. we offer 0.05mm(2mil) thickness FR4 Core and BT core materials board. but. we suggest to usd BT materials. the reason is. the BT PCB is High flatness and ultra low thickness. and other Different thicknesses. Such as: 0.1mm(4mil), 0.15mm(6mil), 0.2mm(8mil) and so on.

Micro LED
Micro LED

The PCB line spacing and Pads gap. the standard PCB line to line spacing or Pads gap are more than 5~ 6mil. we can make the line to line distance with 2 mil(0.05mm). and the pads gap are 2mil too. we have made many Micro-LED PCB boards, Mini-LED PCBs, Chip-LED PCB, IC substrate Boards. and other small gap PCBs with high quality.

About the Lead time. For the standard PCB. the Lead time will be more than 2 weeks. if you need the PCBs in quick turn time. ok. we can finished the PCB in 72 hours. only for 2 layer PCB. the 4 layer PCB will need about 5 to 6 days. 6 to 10 layer small gap PCB lead time will be about 7 to 10 days.

About the PCB quality. In facty. we have sent many PCBs in IPC Class III. the PCB quality perfect. Our customer like the the PCB quality. and some PCB were made with IPC Class II. the quality are great too. all the PCB are 100% Elec Testing.

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