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Printed circuits. As a pcb fabrication. We have produced PCB boards over 15 years. Rigid pcb. flex circuit. blank pcb board. aluminium backed pcb. rogers pcb. copper pcb board, and many different specifications PCB boards.

Alcanta PCB has cooperated with 1000+ high-tech R&D, manufacturing, and service enterprises in fields of communications, industrial control, medical electronics, rail transit, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, automotive electronics, etc., in more than 50 countries and regions throughout the world.

We offer quick turn pcb boards. standard 2 layer board only needs about 24 hours. 4 layer boards lead time is 48 hours. 6 layer pcb lead time is 72 hours. and 8 layer pcb to 12 layers pcb need 5 to 7 days. Higher quality , More fast lead time. and our price will be more cheaper about 20% to 30%.

PCB technology. pcb layers, pcb vias, pcb pads gap and line to line spacing: Alcanta pcb produce multilayer pcb boards. from 10 layer to 90 layers. the best smallest via size are 3mil. and 4mil. it’s about 0.075mm and 0.1mm. we made the drilling with laser. and for the double-sided rigid pcb. the best board thick is 5 mil. and the smallest pad to pad gap(spacing) are 2.1mil. line to line spacing are 2mil.



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