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FR PCB Manufacturing, Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Boards. Radio frequency printed circuit boards (RF PCBs) are an exciting, fast growing sector of the PCB manufacturing industry.They are also incredibly complex with a dizzying range of options. The engineers at Alcanta PCB company can assist you with every step of the fabrication and assembly process, including material selection and key RF PCB manufacturing challenges to be aware of.

What is an RF Circuit Board? In general terms, the PCB industry considers an RF circuit board to be any high frequency PCB that operates above 100MHz. Within the radio frequency class, anything above 2GHz is a Microwave PCB.

What is a Microwave PCB? The main difference between RF circuit boards and Microwave PCBs is in the radio frequency in which they operate. Microwave PCBs are classified as any RF circuit board operating above 2GHz. RF circuit boards and Microwave PCBs are used for communication signals in any application that requires receiving and transmitting radio signals. For example, some common applications are cell phones and radar installations.


Microwave PCB and RF Circuits–Common Problems and Solutions
RF circuit boards, and Microwave PCBs, are especially difficult to design compared to traditional PCB layouts. This is due to the problems that could arise in receiving or transmitting the radio signals. Some of the main problems are noise sensitivity, and tighter impedance tolerances. Compared to traditional circuit boards, radio and microwave signals are very sensitive to noise and also require much tighter impedance tolerances. The best solution for these problems is to utilize ground plans and use a generous bend radius on impedance controlled traces. These solutions will ultimately allow the RF/Microwave PCB to achieve the best performance.

RF Board Applications:RF boards have a multitude of different applications, including wireless technologies, smart phones, sensors, robotics and security. With the advent of new technologies that are pushing the limits of electronics, the demand for RF boards is on the rise.
RF MATERIALS BY APPLICATION: We can help with everything from saving cost on a simple board to manufacturing advice for cutting edge, 100 layer designs. To simplify your search, here are several recommendations for materials based on application and manufacturability:
Important Note: Within every industry, there is a wide range of applications, demands, and budgets. We have many kinds of RF materials in stock. To find the best PCB materials for your specific project, please contact our engineering staff. Our email:



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