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Bluetooth technology is a global standard for open wireless data and voice communication. It is a special short-range wireless technology connection based on low-cost short-range wireless connection, which establishes communication environment for fixed and mobile devices.
Bluetooth enables today’s portable mobile devices and computer devices to connect to the Internet without cable and wireless access to the Internet.
It can exchange wireless information among many devices, including mobile phones, PDA, wireless headphones, notebook computers, related peripherals and so on.

Bluetooth is a low-cost and low-power short-range wireless communication tool. Bluetooth is a communication protocol which operates at the 2.4GHz range,This is a radio-frequency range and is similar to many other contracts of communication including the very utilized WiFi protocol.
Bluetooth communication structure includes a single main device, which can connect to up to seven other devices. Each slave station communicates serially with the master station, and the communication between slaves can only be completed through the master station, which plays the role of a mediator. Bluetooth devices cover a range of 1 centimeter to up to 100 meters, Maximum transmission distance in open and barrier-free environment is 15 meters.
Each Bluetooth device can maintain a low power consumption mode in idle time, thereby reducing energy consumption. In order for two Bluetooth devices to communicate, their unique code must be exchanged. Therefore, communication between two Bluetooth devices can only be carried out with the approval of the user.
In the process of Bluetooth receiving, please do not close to other transmitting signal devices, such as routers, high-power power supply, etc., because it is easy to cause signal interference.

Ultrathin Bluetooth PCB
Ultrathin Bluetooth PCB

A Bluetooth circuit is the central part of a Bluetooth and contains components such as the integrated circuit, capacitors and source of power. The IC contains a charger and voltage regulator. The Bluetooth module includes information on the configuration and the setting.
Bluetooth technology replaces the method of wire and cable communication between devices.
Bluetooth circuits work by using radio signals. Bluetooth circuit effectively replaces infrared technology, which is a great progress of infrared technology. It also effectively solves the limitation that infrared technology can only connect two devices.
Luckily due to technological advancements, the Bluetooth circuit uses low power signals to avoid any interruption from the other devices. That is, therefore, the reason why most Bluetooth devices only work within a range of 10 meters out of which the connection can be lost.

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