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ABF Substrates Manufacturer.We use advanced MSAP and SAP production technology to process and produce high multilayer ABF substrates and FC-BGA substrates. We have made the substrates from 4 layer to 14 layers.

What is the difference between MSAP and the SAP process? Please let me to briefly describe the difference.

Frist. What’s the MSAP technology.

if in your deisgn(Gerber file). the line to line or pad to pad are from 25um to 45um gap(spacing/width). we can use the MSAP technoloty. Normal. we will use this MSAP technoloty to produce the big spacing(25um to 45um) BT substrates. maybe 50 to 60um gaps. All wire(line) widths and pad tolerances will be within the control range. about the BT base materials. we have bought them from Japan and South Korea. All the BT substrates base materials are the original brand materials, the quality is very stable.

ABF Substrates Manufacturing
ABF Substrates Manufacturing

When we will use the SAP technology?

SAP process is only for ABF material products. All the spacing will be very small. For the range of such small spacing, our process capacity is 5um to 25um. we can produce the smallest spacing are 5um. most substrates are 10um to 15um. some are 20um gap. and Alcanta company can do 14 layers ABF substrates. the drilling ways are anylayer connect. Depending on the customer’s product, ABF materials are sometimes used for high multilayer substrates with large spacing because of different performance requirements.

About the ABF base material. The raw materials of this high-end product are originally imported from Japan, so the production cost will be higher than the regular BT substrate price.

The lead time of the BT base and ABF Base substrates. if just a samples. we will finish them in 2 to 3 month. and the DHL shipping time is about 3 to 5 days. The production time for a batch substrate is about 2 to 3 months.

If you have design questions, or technology questions. please feel free to contact us with , we will be happy to help you. 



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