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bt-resin-pcb.  the pcb made with BT resin core. and the pads gap or line gap are very smaller. pad to pad gap are 2.1mil. line to line spacing are 2.0mil. we have produced many Mini LED pcb with higher quality.

BT resin PCB
BT resin PCB

How BT laminate is enabling technological advances for smartphones from the chip up

Any device that has electronic components, from computers and household electronics to automobiles and robots, has one or several built in computer chips. The device makers are constantly seeking to make their products more competitive by making them smaller and lighter while at the same time making them more sophisticated to offer higher performance. You may have a prime example of this in your pocket—smartphone technology evolves with each new model, simultaneously becoming lighter, more versatile, and more powerful.
The makers of the chips inside those devices are constantly seeking ways to advance their chip technology to keep up with manufacturer demand for greater device functionality. Making devices lighter while enhancing performance requires packing more parts into the chip package. This is being made possible by using denser materials that enable decreasing the spacing between the traces on the substrates. Trace spacing has narrowed from over 100 microns to less than 20 microns (1 micron is one thousandth of a millimeter). The biggest challenge when producing PCBs is preventing deformation or curvature caused by temperature change. PCB manufacturing includes processes that alternate hot and cold, and the chip must be made of materials that hold their shape in such conditions. Chips also must be able to maintain their performance specifications without degrading throughout their usage lifetime during the incessant expansion and contraction that occurs each time a device turns on and off. BT resin is a “low warp” material with high structural integrity that performs exceptionally in all aspects.

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