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The Embedded copper coin PCB is the copper coin embedded in the PCB Cavity or slot after routing and metalized when finished PCB lamination. PCB and it’s copper coin tightly connected.

PCB Embedded Copper Coin.With the development of new generation information technology, energy saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment,aerospace and other fields, the solution of heat dissipation problem is imminent. At present, there are many ways to solve the problem of PCB heat dissipation, such as dense heat dissipation hole design, thick copper foil circuit, metal-based (core) structure, embedded copper coindesign, copper-based convex design, high thermal conductivity materials and so on. Embedding copper in PCB directly is one of the effective ways to solve the problem of heat dissipation.

Embedded Copper Coin PCB
Embedded Copper Coin PCB

In the PCB Pressure layer center. just a parts need to do the copper coin. it’s ok. we can prdouce them with high quality. the pcb boards layer from 4 layer to 90 layers. we can use this technology. No any questions. For the technical detail. Please email to us:

Embedded copper printed circuit boards (PCBs) have the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, high heat dissipation and space saving,which can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power electronic components.

Embedded Copper Base PCB
Embedded Copper Base PCB

The Embedded copper printed circuit boards. We can produce the Copper base(core) thickness from 0.1mm to 7.0mm. The 7.0mm copper thick is the best Thickest material.

And We can produce Embedded copper base PCB. Meanwhile. we can produce other kinds Embedded PCB. like: Embedded copper core with Cavities. the PCB made with Buried and Blind Vias, Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics, Backdrilling, Controlled Depth Drill and Rout. and other especial design. we offer high quality PCB with IPC Class II and IPC Class III. the PCB will be zero defect. the quality are perfect! we have many especial core materials in the warehouse.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with , we will be happy to help you. 



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  1. Hi,

    We are interested in your buried copper coin technology and have a few questions I am hoping you can help with.

    1) How to you handle the gap between the routing and coin edge. Does this result in an air gap?
    2) How do you handle thermal expansion/contraction issues causing the coin to become dislodged?
    3) How do you handle thickness tolerance of the FR4 stackup versus the coin?
    4) Can you make a 2 layer with coin stackup and how would this compare cost wise to a 4 layer with coin stackup?

    Best Regards,