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Fastrise™7 PCB. FastRise™ 7 is a thermally stable, high DK (7.45 at 10 GHz), low loss prepreg designed to enable the manufacture of high dielectric constant stripline structures at low temperatures. fastRise™ 7 prepreg enables stripline manufacture at 420 ºF/215 ºC, well below the fabrication temperatures of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC). Organic high dielectric constant copper clad laminates such as RF60A have previously had no available prepregs with compatible high dielectric constant. Therefore RF stripline designers have been forced to use either LTCC or the fusion bonding of PTFE-based organic substrates. RF engineers design high dielectric constant stripline structures to: (1) densify/miniaturize circuits (2) eliminate cross talk between multiple channels (3) create more confined fields (4) create more symmetrical EM fields with better control over even/odd mode impedances (5) reduce radiation (6) allow for broadband multi-octave couplers and filters (7) design phase matching networks. Miniaturization is especially mportant for weight reduction in avionic applications. For organic structures, RF designers often resort to fusion bonding to create symmetrical dielectrics above and below the signal layer. Fusion bonding is the melting of PTFE at very high temperatures.
Fusion bonding is expensive and prone to unpredictable dimensional movement and poor layer to layer registration and there are few capable fabricators*. fastRise™ 7 is a low cost solution that enables epoxy fabricators to build moisture resistant RF stripline structures. When combined with Ticer or Ohmega resistor foil, fastRise™ 7 leads to a lower likelihood of resistor cracking, a typical defect in fusion bonded structures.


  1. High 7.45 DK organic prepreg
  2. Low (420 °F/215 °C) lamination
    enables conventional PWB fabrication
  3. Lower cost / reduced weight alternative
    to LTCC
  4. Lower cost alternative to fusion bonding
  5. Enables miniaturization & densification
    of high DK RF stripline structures
  6. Compatible with Ticer/Ohmega resistor foils


  1. Military and Avionics (weight reduction)
  2. Radar Manifolds, Antennas, Fire control
  3. Filters, Couplers, Power Amplifiers
  4. Phase Matching Networks


fastRise™ prepreg is designed for applications where low loss or high operating temperature is required. fastRise™ utilizes a high loading of ceramic for low electrical loss and dimensional stability, a high performance thermoset resin as a bonding agent, and a small amount of PTFE. Each ply of fastRise™ is comprised of three layers; a pliable highly ceramic loaded PTFE film with a thermosetting adhesive resin on the top and bottom.

Fastrise™7 PCB
Fastrise™7 PCB

It is important to understand that the different fastRise™ part numbers have been optimized for
different applications; using the correct fastRise™ part number for each design can greatly ease
fabrication and improve quality. fastRise™ can be roughly broken into four families (standard, specialty,S, and 7) in which variants of the center film and/or resin are used (details are discussed below).More detailed information regarding specific fastRise™ part number properties can be found on the data sheet(s).

fastRise™ Standard Prepregs
The standard fastRise™ family use a ceramic loaded PTFE film and are recommended for the majority of applications. This family provides a very versatile material with forgiving processing.

fastRise™ Specialty Prepregs
The specialty fastRise™ family uses a pure PTFE film which enables thinner dielectric thicknesses.
Although this product is used daily in production applications with excellent results, it should be noted that it is less forgiving in processing and additional process development may be required. The primary difficulty is a result of drill smear from the pure PTFE film which can be resolved. Additionally, the pure PTFE film can make it difficult to obtain laser vias comparable to industry norms.

fastRise™ S Prepregs
The fastRise™ S family employs much of the same nanomaterial technology utilized in EZ-IO. fastRise™ S prepregs maintain the performance gains of EZ-IO nanomaterials while providing simplified and reduced processing costs. The fastRise™ S family will also grant improved hole quality for both mechanical and laser drilled vias. Such prepregs include fastRise™ S part numbers FR28-0040-50S and FR27-0050-40S, though others may also be made available.

fastRise™ 7 Prepreg
fastRise™ 7 is a high Dk (7.45 at 10 GHz) prepreg designed for use with other high Dk laminates. It consists of a fiberglass reinforced PTFE/ceramic film with a modified fastRise™ resin coated on each side. There is only one fastRise™ 7 part number with a nominal thickness of 0.0055” (140µm).Applications requiring fill of copper greater than 1 oz should be discussed with Taconic technical service. Processing of fastRise™ 7 is similar to other fastRise™ part numbers, exceptions are noted in this guide where applicable.

Fastrise™7 PCB
Fastrise™7 PCB

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