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R-5785N PCB.Ultra-low transmission loss Highly heat resistant Multi-layer circuit board materials MEGTRON7 | R-5785(GN), R-5785(GE), R-5785(N).

On December 10, 2020. we are making a MEGTRON7 materials PCB. they are R5785N and R5680N core materials. there are some Cavites on the top side. the Cavities depth are 0.8mm. PCB total finished thick is 1.6mm. Meanwhile. The R5785N and R5680N Cavities PCB made with Blind Vias. Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics. I mean. they are different thickness and different material types. The Blind vias holes from L2 to L4. the blind via holes must be show out on the Cavities area.

R-5785N PCB
R-5785N PCB

For Cavity PCB boards. Some blind via holes on the Cavities area. in fact. this is not a standard R5785N and R5680N PCB. the PCB include the Cavities,Cavities depth control, Blind Vias holes, and Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics. we make the PCB with high advanced technology. and High quality. Our company offer R5785N PCB from 1 layer to 30 layers.

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