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Flex Circuit pcb made in Alcanta. we produce Flex board with high quality, more cheaper price. and more fast lead time. Flex types are 1 layer Flex board, double layer Flex pcb, 4 layer flex pcb, 6 layer flex pcb, and 8 layer flex pcb, and 10 layer Rigid-flex pcb, 12 layer Rigid-flex pcb, 14 layer Rigid-flex pcb to 30 layer rigid-flex pcb. Some of the flex materials have bought from USA. High quality. just made in China.

Meanwhile. ALCANTA PCB Company has made many kinds FR4 PCB. HDI FR4 PCB, Copper pcb and AL PCB, For the Rigid pcb boards. we can produce them from 2 layer to 90 layers. you can choose the quality standard. Most of our customer use the quality standard with IPC Class II. and about 20% customer use the quality standard with IPC Class 3. it is more higher quality standard. So. our pcb quality are great!

For the quick turn PCB service. from 1 layer to 20 layers PCB board. we can do the fast lead time. we can finished the low layer pcb in 24 hours to 48 hours. and the high layer pcb in 3 to 7 days. the PCB lead time is short. and we will send the PCB goods to you with air transportation. in 3 to 4 days. you will received the PCB board from China.

Flex Circuit
Flex Circuit



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