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Electronic Circuit Board. As a PCB company. ALCANTA offer high quality Circuit Board. Fast delivery. More lower cost. we can produce Rigid printed circuit board. Flex circuit board. Rigid-Flex circuit board. FR4 Standard Tg PCB, FR4 Mid Tg PCB(Lead Free Compatible), FR4 High Tg PCB (Lead Free Compatible), High Performance PCB, High Speed PCB, High Frequency PCB, Halogen Free PCB, Aluminum Backed PCB and others….

Our company has made Rigid PCB from 2 layer to 90 layers. From 2 layer to 16 layers PCB. we can finish them in a short lead time. 2 layer pcb only need about 24 hours. 4 layer pcb only need about 48 hours. 6 layer pcb to 12 layer pcb. we will be finished them in 3 days to 6 days. High quality. more cheaper price. and fast delivery. the delivery cost will be lower. We can help to save your time and save your money.

Electronic Circuit Board Circuit Board

About the Rigid-Flex pcb boards. we can produce it from 4 layer to 50 layers. Rigid-Flex board with Buried and Blind Vias holes, Impedance Control  +/-5%. the standard impedance control is +/-10%. Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics. and the best smallest via holes are 3 mil. or 4 mil. we have made many IPC Class 3 pcb to our customers. The quality requirement is very strict! our email: , If you need high multilayer Rigid PCB or Rigid-Flex pcb. please send your pcb gerber files. let’s get a free quote. thanks!

Rigid-Flex pcb
Rigid-Flex pcb



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