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24 layer-pcb-board-supplier

24 layer-pcb-board-supplier, Fast pcb service. High quality. and More cheap price. Alcanta PCB company has made many high quality PCB from 2 layer to 90 layers. we are a quick turn time PCB supplier. and make the pcb quality with IPC Class 2 and IPC Class 3.

We can offer more cheaper about 20% to 30% price PCB boards. the PCB materials great. they are FR4 TG 140, TG150, TG170, TG 180, TG 200. AL core board. Copper core board, rogers board, Low Loss FR4, High Performance,High Speed, High Frequency, Halogen Free and others. if your pcb materials are not in the core list. please check with our engineer. our email:

After we finished the PCB boards. we can send you the pcb shipment report. all the PCB production data in the report. all the PCB Board will make 100% Elec Testing. the boards quality will be no any questions.

About the PCB lead time. if you ONLY need small quantity. the lead time will be more fast. 2 layer and 4 layer pcb will be finished in 1 to 3 days. and from 6 layer to 16 layer pcb . we will finished them in 3 to 7 days. by the way. the quick time pcb price will be a little high than the standard lead time pcb boards.

the pcb layers. we can produce PCB from 2 layer to 90 layers. most of pcb are from 2 layer to 30 layers. our company has made PCB in service enterprises in fields of communications, industrial control, medical electronics, rail transit, computers and peripherals, semiconductors, automotive electronics, etc.

24 Layer Pcb Supplier
24 Layer Pcb Supplier



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