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Pcb Supplier & PCB Assembles in China. Alcanta pcb company produce PCB from 1 layer to 50 layers. Rigid pcb board, flex circuit board, Copper core PCB. Al core PCB. Rogers board, Isola board, and also we can produce other different material circuit board.

The PCB quality standard. most of our circuit board were made with quality standard IPC Class 2. and some have made with quality standard IPC Class 3. So. our PCB quality are great! if you need us to make a panel. there are no any X units on the panel. it will be easy to make the PCB assemble.


about the PCB technology. We can produce the best thinnest FR4 pcb with 0.12mm thick. the best smallest via 3mil(0.075mm), most via are 4mil(0.1mm). when we drill the via. we will use laser. and the line to line spacing is 2.1mil (53um), pad to pads spacing are 2.2mil(55um). and Any production requirement, pleaes check with our engineer please.

About the Assemble. Please send us your Bom list. we will check the components. we can finish the Assemble in 2 days.

Pcb Supplier and PCB Assemble
Pcb Supplier and PCB Assemble



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