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High end PCB Manufacturer. High end HDI PCB Factory. High precision circuit board production. We offer The High end HDI PCB boards from 4 Layer to 100 layers. Advanced production technologies.High quality grade!

Why choose high-end circuit board supplier. Because the circuit boards are used in high-end equipments. Such as: Aerospace electronics. Radar system. Military electronics. instrument and equipment. High Speed and High Capacity, FR and Microwave, Thermal Management,Miniaturization Chip package substrate products. The PCB boards must be zero defect. In Alcanta PCB company. we have made many advanced HDI PCB boards from 4 layer to 100 layers. the PCB quality grade are IPC ClassIII. And a number of different industry quality requirements standards.

High end PCB Manufacturer
High end PCB Manufacturer

About the high-end circuit board Production process capacity. Please let me give you a brief introduction:

PCB layers: For through-holes PCB boards. we can produce The PCB from 2 layer to 100 layers. the thinnest PCB thickness is 0.075mm(75um). it’s 2 layer PCB boards. and it’s FR4 PCBs. Not a Flex PCB. and the thickest boards thicnkess is about 10mm. 7.5mm for Metal PCBs.

The laser drilling for HDI PCB boards. there are Buried and Blind Vias. the smallest laser drilling size are 60um. but we suggest to do laser drill with 70um or 80um. the reason is the 60um drilling size PCB price are very bad. and the PCB line to line spacing or Pads to Pads gap. we can do the gap with 20um. the finished copper thickness will be about 10um to 18um. It depends on your product types. We can produce the HDI PCB from 4 layer to 50 layers. the PCB types are: HDI Rigid‐Flex & Flexible Circuits , HDI Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics PCBs, HDI Backdrilling PCBs, HDI Cavity Boards, HDI Low Loss FR4 PCBs, HDI High Speed and High Frequency PCBs. and other different kinds of the HDI pcb boards.

About the PCB production materials: we have many types core materials. see below. if you need other differents materials. please check with our engineers. here. we only show a part of the core materials.

FR4 Standard TgShengyi, I TEQ, KB, Nanya
FR4 Mid Tg (Lead FreeShengyi S1000, I TEQ I T158
FR4 High TgShengyi S1000‐2, S1170
(Lead Free Compatible)EMC EM827
Isola 370HR
Panasonic R1755V
High PerformanceEMC EM828, EM827, EM888(S), EM888(K)
Isola FR408, FR408HR
Low Loss FR4Isola I‐Speed, I‐Tera MT
Nelco N4000‐13EP, EPSI
Panasonic R5775 Megtron 6
High SpeedMegtron4, Megtron7,TU872SLK, FR408HR, N4000-13 Series, MW4000, MW2000, TU933
High FrequencyRO3003, RO3003G2, RO3006, RO3010, RO3035, RO3202, RO3203, RO3206, RO3210, RO3730, RO5780, RO5880, RO6002, RO6006, RO4003C, RO4232, , RO4233, RO4360, RO4360G2, RO4400 , RO4500, RO4533, RO4535, RO4700, RO4730, RO4830, RO4835T, RT5880, RT5870, RT6006, RT6010, CLTE, Genclad, RF35, FastRise27,TLC, TLX, TLY, Taconic 601, 602, 603, 605
Halogen FreeEMC EM285, EM370(D)
Panasonic R1566
Aluminum Backed PCBShengyi SAR20, Yugu YGA
OthersPolyimide, Tk, LCP, BT, C-ply, Fradflex, Omega , ZBC2000,

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