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Minimum Trace&Gap PCB manufacturer. The smallest clearance between trace to trace or Pads to Pads are 1.4mil(35um). we offer the smallest Pads Pitch with 160um(7.1mil). Such as FCBGA packaging products.

In the Standard design: the PCB trace spacing and Pad clearance will be about 4mil(0.1mm) to 6mil(0.15mm). maybe 8mil to 10mil spacing. that will be easy to produce. But in some especial PCB design. the trace and pads clearance will be getting smaller and smaller. you have to design the spacing more and more smaller. Save the space and Improve product efficiency. So. we can produce the smallest trace and Pad clearance PCB boards. and The qualities of our PCB are very stable. Before we send out the boards to you. All of them will be passed the Elec Testing.

the Best smallest trace and Pad gap PC board: The Line to line spacing are 1.4mil. the minimum pad clearance/the smallest gap are 1.4mil too. Most of our customer have used 50um(2mil)trace clearance( pad gap) or 60um trace clearance( pad gap) PCB products. like: LED PCB, FCBGA packaging products. the finished PCB clearance tolerance are +/-10um. about the PCB thickness. For 2 layer PCB. we can finish the PCB thickness with 0.076mm(3mil). 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3 mm to 2.0mm. For standard multilayer PCB or HDI multilayer PCB boards. we will finish the board thickness from 0.2mm to 5.2mm.

Minimum Trace&Gap PCB
Minimum Trace&Gap PCB

The minimum Via hole is 2.5mil(0.063mm). the via holes will use laser drill ways. we suggest you to design the via size more bigger. from 0.1mm to 0.4mm will be good. the bigger via holes PCB cost will be more cheaper.

We have NO any MOQ request. One time. you can order 1 pcs to 10 pcs. 10 pcs to 100pcs. or 100 pcs to 10000pcs. sometimes. the 1 pcs price and 10 pcs price are same.

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