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Megtron7N,Megtron7, Megtron6, Megtron4, Megtron2 materials,We offer Megtron series materials PCB from 2 layer to 40 layers. Ultra-low transmission loss Highly heat resistant Multi-layer. Laminate R-5775(N) Prepreg R-5670(N), Laminate R-5775 Prepreg R-5670, Laminate R-5785 Prepreg R-5680,Properties · Transmission loss performance Ranking in MEGTRON series. Panasonic Megtron Series PCB Manufacturer.

High Speed, Low Loss Multi-layer Materials:

MEGTRON 6, Megtron7, Megtron7N, Megtron7GE is advanced material designed for high-speed network equipment, mainframes, IC testers and high frequency measuring instruments. The main attributes of MEGTRON 6 are: low dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factors, low transmission loss and high heat resistance; Td = 410°C (770°F). MEGTRON 6 meets IPC specification 4101 /102 /91.

Low Dk = 3.7, Low Df = 0.002 (@ 1GHz)
Excellent through-hole reliability (5x better than our conventional high Tg FR4 material)
Lead-free, ROHS-compliant soldering
High heat resistance

Next Generation Ultra Low Loss Multi-layer Materials:

Introducing MEGTRON 7, a multi-layer circuit board material with the industry’s lowest transmission loss, which meets the requirements for high-capacity and high-speed transmission of high-end networking equipment, thereby contributing to the improvement of their signal processing performance.

R-5785 Laminate
R-5680 Prepreg
Ultra Low Transmission Loss: Dk = 3.6 @ 1GHz, Df = 0.0015 @ 1GHz
High heat resistance and reliability
Compatible with lead-free soldering

R-5785N PCB
R-5785N PCB

Panasonic Multi-layer Materials: Panasonic Electronic Materials is a definitive example of a technology innovator. The company has a solid technology roadmap and has set the standard for high-speed, low-loss and thermally robust substrates. Panasonic’s MEGTRON series of Multi-layer PCB systems represent a “bullet-proof” solution for today’s designers. Alcanta company offer Panasonic Megtron Series PCBs board from 1 layer to 50 layers.

About the Panasonic Megtron Series PC board quality production standard. Most of the PCB will be made with IPC Class2, The quality are perfect! If you need to produce the boards with IPC Class3. ok. we can make the boards more more perfect! the PCB will be zero defect!

The Panasonic Megtron Series materials will be used on Specially designed PC boards. Ultra-low transmission loss, Highly heat resistant Multi-layer, and High Speed PCB products. the PC Boards will be make with Advanced production technologies. Such as: Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics PCB, Buried and Blind Vias PCB(the laser via size 3mil or 4mil), Backdrilling, Open cavity on the Boards, Conductive Via Fill, and Controlled Depth Drill and Rout.

For the design questions. or Panasonic Megtron Series materials questions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with , we will be happy to help you. 



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