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pcb-board-builder.High quality board, More fast delivery, More cheap price. Alcanta company build any kinds printed circuit board. We produce advanced circuit board from 20 layer PCB to 50 layer PCB. The board Impedance Control has made with +/-5%, the Standard Impedance Control is +/-10%.

We have built many high multilayer Rigid-Flex pcb, Buried and Blind Vias technology, Hybrids and Mixed Dielectrics technology, Cavity Boards technology, Controlled Depth Drill and Rout technology and many other especial advanced technologies.

Our company has made high quality PCB boards to many customers. and high multilayer.Like: 16 layer pcb, 18 layer pcb, 20 layer pcb, 22 layer pcb, 24 layer pcb, 26 layer pcb, 28 layer to 50 layers boards. the PCB were made with IPC Class II. if you require us to build the PCB with IPC Class III. Yes. we can do it well.

In some urgent projects. you have to build the circuit board and PCB assemble in a short lead time. Yes. we can offer quick turn time PCB service and the fast assemble delivery. From 1 layer to 10 layers printed circuit board. that will be easy to produce. the lead time will be fast. from 12 layer to 18 layer PCB. the quick turn time will be about 6 to 9 days.

Any questions. please send Email to us. thanks a lot!

PCB Board Builder
PCB Board Builder



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