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As a PCB company. Alcanta offer the thinnest fr4 board. the finished board thickness will be 0.1mm to 0.6mm. Like:0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.13mm to 0.6mm thick. before we start to produce the boards. we will use the thinnest fr4 core. the core thick will be about 0.06mm(2.4mil). we can make the two side with 0.01mm(10um) to 0.02mm(20um) thick copper. and top side soldermask thick will be about 0.02mm. boards silskcreen and ENIG thick are not too much. at last. the board thickness will be finished in 0.1mm(4mil).

the boards are the best thinnest. the materials are FR4 core. not are flex materials. they are different. we can make the soldermask with white, green, black, or other different colors. tell us what colors do you need. we can do the jobs.

The standard FR4 Board thickness are from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. most of the client use 1.6mm thick boards.

Our company has made many these Final thin boards with standard LED products. or MINI Led products.

Also. we can produce the MINI led boards pads to pads gap with 2.2mil. line to line spacing with 2.1mil. very small spacing.

and the PCB size. the best smallest size is 3mm*3mm. the maximum size is 750mm*1550mm. for one units. if you need these kinds PCB boards. please send Email to us. Thanks a lot!

Thinnest FR4 PCB
Thinnest FR4 PCB



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