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Rogers 5880 Antenna PCB Fabrication, Embedded cavity Rogers 5880 PCB, Ro5880 Cavity PCB Manufacturer in China. RT5880 PCB Materials Features: Dk is 2.20 +/- .02. Dissipation factor of .0009 at 10GHz.Low moisture absorption. RT/duroid 5880 laminates has a low dielectric constant (Dk) and low dielectric loss, making them well suited for high frequency/broadband applications. Helping to maintain the Dk uniformity are the randomly oriented microfibers reinforcing the PTFE composites.

Alcanta PCB has made many Rogers 5880 PCB from 2 layer to 12 layers. Most of them are 2 layer, 4 layer and 6 layer boards. some are small gap. Some are HDI rogers 5880 Antaenna PCBs. and some are Cavity Rogers 5880 materials.

What’s the Cavity Rogers 5880 PCBs?

That means. Open a cavity on the PCB boards. or may make a Embedded cavity with the boards. the PCB was made with Rogers 5880 materials. or Rogers 5880LZ, or other types materials. the Rogers RT5880 LZ core material’s dielectric constant is 2.0. and the Rogers 5880 dielectric constant is 2.2. These materials have different thicknesses. they are 0.127mm, 0.254mm, 0.508mm, 0.787mm, and others different thicknesses. Please tell me how thick the material is for your products. We can help you confirm whether we have these materials at any time.  

We have not written down the thickness of all the materials. Our materials were purchased from the agent of Rogers Company. and They are all brand materials and of good quality. so the price and cost will be higher than conventional materials. the Rogers 5880 base maerials are black colour. like below Rogers 5880 Antenna PCBs. this is an Embedded cavity Rogers 5880 PCB. The board is empty in the middle.

Rogers 5880 Antenna PCB Fabrication
Rogers 5880 Antenna PCB Fabrication

When you design this types Antenna PCB boards. if you have any design issue. Such as: The manufacturing process capability of the circuit board. the minimum via holes size. we can do 0.065mm(65um) via holes with laser. and the smallest line to line or pads to pads gap. we can do the smallest gap with 30um. and we can produce the HDI Rogers 5880 PCB with Buried and Blind Vias holes. Hybrids Dielectrics and Other advanced production technology.

About the PCB lead time. the Standard 2 layer to 6 layer PCBs. Not HDI PCB. the lead time is about 15 to 30 days. If there are some cavity on the boards.or the PCB is HDI PCB. it has the Buried and Blind Vias holes and open a coavity or Embedded cavity with the boards. the lead time will be a little longer. it shoud be about 7 to 9 weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us with , we will be happy to help you. 



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