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Rogers Ro4000 PCB Manufacturing, RO4000® LoPro® Series/High Frequency Circuit Fabrication. Cavity Rogers PCBs. HDI PCB and Rigers-Flex PCB fabrication.

RO4000® LoPro® laminates use a proprietary Rogers’ technology that allows reverse treated foil to bond to standard RO4000 dielectric. This results in a laminate with low conductor loss for improved insertion loss and signal integrity while maintaining all other desirable attributes of the standard RO4000 laminate system. RO4000hydrocarbon ceramic laminates are designed to offer superior high frequency performance and low cost circuit fabrication. The result is a low loss material which can be fabricated using standard epoxy/glass (FR-4) processes offered at competitive prices.

The selection of laminates typically available to designers is signifi cantly reduced once operational frequencies increase to 500 MHz and above. RO4000 material possesses the properties needed by designers of RF microwave circuits and matching networks and controlled impedance transmission lines. Low dielectric loss allows RO4000 series material to be used in many applications where higher operating frequencies limit the use of conventional circuit board laminates. The temperature coeffi cient of dielectric constant is among the lowest of any circuit board material and the dielectric constant is stable over a broad frequency range. This makes it an ideal substrate for broadband applications.

Rogers Ro4000 PCB
Rogers Ro4000 PCB

RO4000 material’s thermal coeffi cient of expansion (CTE) provides several key benefi ts to the circuit designer. The expansion coeffi cient of RO4000 material is similar to that of copper which allows the material to exhibit excellent dimensional stability, a property needed for mixed dielectric multilayer boards constructions. The low Z-axis CTE of RO4000 laminates provides reliable plated through-hole quality, even in severe thermal shock applications. RO4000 series material has a Tg of >280°C (536°F) so its expansion characteristics remain stable over the entire range of circuit processing temperatures.

RO4000 series laminates can easily be fabricated into printed circuit boards using standard FR-4 circuit board processing techniques. Unlike PTFE based high performance materials, RO4000 series laminates do not require specialized via preparation processes such as sodium etch. This material is a rigid, thermoset laminate that is capable of being processed by automated handling systems and scrubbing equipment used for copper surface preparation.

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