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3mil UltraThin FR4 PCB manufacturing.the thinnest FR4 PCB thickness is 3mil (0.003 inch), 4mil (0.004 inch), 5mil (0.005 inch), 6mil (0.006 inch), 7mil (0.007 inch) to 8mil(0.008 inch). and 9mil (0.009 inch) to 24mil ( 0.024 inch). We have used many different materials to produce the thinnest PCB. Such as: FR4 Standard TG core materials. FR4 High TG core materials, BT core materials. by the way. the BT core is more flat. and the price will be a little high.

Choosing a very thin PCB thickness may limit the choice of surface finishes available. Each surface finish has a different manufacturing process based on the material properties and production method. Our standard immersion gold surface finish does support 0.1mm minimum thickness PCB.

Smallest spacing&the Minimum gap PCB

About the line to line spacing or Pads to Pads gap. we have made smallest spacing with the Ultrathin FR4 core materials. the Minimum gap PCB. the Smallest gap are 2mil, PCB line to line spacing are 1.8mil. and the PCB quality are great. we can make the boards with IPC Class 3. You will like the quality and lead time.

3mil Ultrathin FR4 PCB
3mil Ultrathin FR4 PCB

Extra Thin Board Capability:

Base material: FR4 Tg 130, Tg 150, Tg 170, Tg 180, and BT material.
Board Thickness: 0.076~0.3 mm (0.003″~0.012″)
Copper thickness: 0.5 OZ, 1 OZ, 2 OZ, 3 OZ
Outline: Routing, punching, V-Cut, laser cutting
Solder mask: Bare/White/Black/Blue/Green/Red Oil
Legend/Silkscreen Color: Black/White
Surface finishing: Immersion Gold, OSP, ENEPIG, HAL-LF (not popular)
Max Panel size: 500*650 mm (19.68″25.591″), or 1200*450 mm (47.244″17.72″)
Min Panel size: 25*25 mm (0.984″0.984″)
Min single size: 3.0*3.0 mm (0.118″0.118″)
Min vias: 0.1 mm
Min traces space/width: 2.2mil/2.2mil
Packing: Vacuum
Samples L/T: 3~4 Days
Batch order L/T: 8~10 Days

The PCB MOQ request. One time. you can order 1 pcs to 10 pcs. 10 pcs to 100pcs. or 100 pcs to 10000pcs. some times. the 1 pcs price and 10 pcs price are same.

About the flatness of the surface of the PC board. when you ask the FR4 core materials. please try to design small panel size. it good for the flatness of the boards. sometimes. you have to design big panel size. and the flatness must be good. than. we suggest to use BT core materials. The surface of the board will be smoother and there will be no warping. any questions. you can check with our engineer. our email:



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  1. Martin FERNANDEZ

    Hello, I require a 4 layer PCB which has standard manufacturing criteria for FR4 except for 3mil spacing and tracks. Board size 60mm x 60mm.
    Can you please quote for 10 pcs to begin with.