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Embedded PCB manufacturer. Make Cavities on PCB. Open Cavity PCBs require a depth-controlled cutout to expose inner layers to air for antenna or component assembly.

Embedded Technology:Currently, two embedded technologies applied to PCBs are available, which differ from each other in terms of mounting method. One depends on pad whereas the other on Thru-holes.

As a type of circuit assembly technology contributing to multiple functions and high performance of wearable electronic devices, embedded technology plays an active role in shrinking interconnect path between components and reducing transmission loss. It is one of solutions to lead Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) towards miniaturization, high integrity and high performance. It buries Active Devices (ADs) and Passive Devices (PDs) inside boards or embeds them into cavity. Application of embedded technology contributes to obvious reduction of connection points, external pads, number of thru holes and lead length so that circuit board integrity can be improved and parasitic inductance of printed circuit can be decreased. Up to now, commercial, aeronautic, military and medical products have been the leading candidates for applying embedded component PCB.

When it comes to embedded component PCB with pad as a mounting method, firstly, embedded components should be assembled on electrodes formed on substrate and electrical connections are carried out. Afterwards, insulating resin is applied to fill and bury components and electrode. For mounting, SMT is depended. Solder or conductive adhesive is used as mounting material.

Embedded PCB
Embedded PCB

Component Embedded PCB Assembly Procedure:When component to be embedded is bare die, die bonding should be picked. If components are PDs, mould package, or Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP), ultrasonic wave bonding, Controlled Collapse Chip Connection, Epoxy Encapsulated Solder Connection (ESC) and conductive resin etc should be applied. AD mounting, however, should take advantage of solder with wave solder or conductive resin.

In order to go for technological feasibility of ADs buried into a PCB and Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) embedment in PCB cavity, design and technological procedure research have to be firstly carried out. This article applies a double-layer embedded PCB with multiple packaging components as an example including Ball Grid Array (BGA), Chip Scale Package (CSP), and Quad Flat Package (QFP).

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