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PTFE Teflon PCB, PTFE-Like PC board, High quality PTFE Teflon materials circuit board. and Ptfe-like base materials PC boards. we have made the PC boards with Advanced Technologies. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is the scientific name for a very well-known product, even outside the engineering community; DuPont’s trademarked Teflon has applications extending far beyond your kitchen, and into many high-speed electronic devices across a variety of industries.

As mentioned briefly above, PTFE materials are valued for their suitability in high-frequency applications. At RF and Microwave frequencies, the dielectric constant of standard FR-4 Material (approx. 4.5) is often too high, resulting in significant signal loss during transmission across the PCB. Fortunately, PTFE materials boast dielectric constant values as low as 3.5 or below, making them ideal for overcoming the high-speed limitations of FR-4. The most common of these PTFE PCB materials were developed by Rogers, and are denoted by an “RO” prefix in their product name. In addition to a reduction in dielectric constant, these materials also offer very impressive thermal characteristics for High Temperature PCB applications, reaching Tg values as high as 280°C.

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