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As a PCB manufacturer. Alcanta printed circuit board company offer High multilayer printed circuit board with Buried via and Blind Vias holes. From 4 layer to 90 layers. we produce high quality HDI pcb. Fast PCB delivery service. and More cheaper price. There are many standard PCB core materials. and there are many especial PCB materials too.

About the Buried via and Blind Vias holes board. we can make the via with 3mil size or 4 mil size. it’s about 0.075mm and 0.1mm diameter. the circuit line to line spacing are 2.0mil. it’s about 50um. the pads to pads gap are 2.1mil. it’s about 53um gap. If your company are these kinds smaller spacing. we can produce them with high quality.

Some of The Buried and Blind Vias boards lamination info like below. if your circuit lamination are not same. please send us your printed circuit board lamination. Our engineer will help to check it. our Email add:

Buried and Blind Vias PCB
Buried and Blind Vias PCB



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